Our Beliefs

  • That the Bible is the holy inspired word of GOD and is without error in its origin.
  • That there is one GOD, manifesting Himself as a Godhead consisting of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  • That Jesus Christ as Emmanuel is “God come in the Flesh”. We believe that He lived a sinless life, died on the cross to take away the sins of all who call out to Him for forgiveness, and is coming again to take all who live a godly life “unto the end” to be with Him forever in heaven.
  • That no man is good enough to go to heaven, and must through faith call upon the name of the Lord to receive the free gift of eternal life.
  • That all who receive the gift of eternal life become “new creatures” in Christ and will live a life separated from the world, bringing forth good works to the glory of GOD.