Church History

  • In the summer of 1952, two couples from the Manchester Mennonite congregation rented a garage in the 400 block of East Princess Street for the purpose of holding afternoon Sunday School classes for the neighborhood children.  Two years later, on Sunday, Oct 4, 1954, they held their first Sunday morning service in what was known as the Princess Street Mission. In 1958, when the City of York tore down that neighborhood to build three high-rise apartment buildings on that area, the congregation relocated to its current location at 318 E Poplar St, and took on the new name of Tidings of Peace Mennonite Mission.
  • Over the years, the Tidings of Peace congregation has had a special love for and desire to see the children of the neighborhood learn the Biblical truth about who Jesus is and how to receive eternal life through accepting His free gift of salvation. Children's programs have included summer Bible school, sewing clubs, summer camp, Thursday night Bible school, and weekly Sunday School.
  • In 1995, at the request of several neighborhood parents and grandparents, the congregation launched the Tidings of Peace Christian School as a means of providing quality Christian education for those in grades K-12.